Economics: The Most Complex Man Made System – Part One (GT023A)

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An in depth and broken down look at economics and the economy; and some of the building blocks that are involved in this extremely complex and seldom understood ‘Man Made’ system
“For us to break out of the current business, government lock on things, there has to be a change in consciousness to lead it first!”
A few of the things we touch on are:
  • How banks and government fit in
  • How debt is the basis of our system
  • Inflation and how it works
  • The debt of nations and national bonds
  • Micro/macro economics
  • The housing market and its affect on the world economy
  • The ‘wage price spiral’ and what it means
  • Arrogant governments and the lack of knowledge and understanding from our leaders
  • Why small businesses are disappearing and their importance in driving the economy
  • Property tax and the depths of its affect
  • Government price caps and the dangers of their implementation
Thanks to you for listening – Until Next Time… Stay Strong and Stay Curious!
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Economics: The Most Complex Man Made System – Part One (GT023A)
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